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How to choose the best hair color?

Podobrat-tsvet-volosA well-chosen hair color should emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, freshen the face skin, dim minor imperfections. The most reliable way to choose the right color is to determine your color type – autumn, winter, spring or summer. For each color type we can recommend a palette of colors.


Spring is a warm color type. Female of spring type looks very tender. Her skin is translucent, thin, with a warm hue, the color is light, almost Golden. There is often a milky-pink glow on the cheeks.

Hair usually is slightly curly, thin and fluffy. The color of hair is bright, warm shade of honey, amber, yellow, red, light brown with a Golden hue. A rarer type of spring – brown-haired women with Golden shiny hair.

Eyes are usually light blue, green, emerald, turquoise.

For the bright spring type we can recommend gentle Golden shades, such as color of sandalwood.  Perfect hairstyle: soft waves, or a short pageboy haircut, and she should not look too sporty. For a darker, contrasting “spring” girl we can recommend shades of bright chestnut, caramel, nutty.


Summer is a cool color type. The main characteristics of the summer type: ash, cool-bluish shades.

Summer type skin can be of different shades, but there is always a cool bluish subcutaneous illumination. If there are freckles, they are gray-brown. Blush – pink or red, often there is redness on the skin.

Hair color has ashen cold tide, no yellow. Color varies from light straw to dark brown with brown shimmer. Hair sometimes fade in the sun. Hair is straight or curly.

For a light summer types choose shades of wheat color, which add a refreshing bright glow.

For the dark summer type “black Tulip” tone is suitable. It gives the typical brown summer spicy reddish reflections.


Fall is a warm color type, however, it differs from the spring with more bright colors.

The skin has a warm Golden shades. In contrast to spring, autumn type has no blush, the color of the skin is smooth. Hair is red, often curly, shiny, thick. Eye color: green, amber brown, cognac brown, amber olive.

For bright autumn types a color of sandalwood will suit.

For darker hair and for deeper red tones shades of “autumn leaves” or “sunset” will suit.

Winter is cold color type. This color type can be confused with summer or autumn. Can be contrast and soft. The main differences to the milky-white skin with a bluish tint. Skin bad tans, on the cheeks may be flushed. Hair is usually dark. Eyes bright, cool shades of blue, gray and brown or black.


Winter is cold color type. This color type can be confused with summer or autumn. Hair is usually dark. Eyes are bright, blue, gray and brown or black.

For this type colors with cool bluish sheen suit the best.

Shade of “the black Tulip” will give a reddish tone to the hair of the dark winter type. Do not use red shades.

But if you want to know if a hair color is good for you, before visiting the hair salon, you can try to change your hair color in the photo using any online photo editing service. Thus you will be able to choose the best color for your skin type.