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Long blonde hairstyle

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Owners of the hair of this length can not only boast gorgeous mane, but also to do long blonde hairstyle of great beauty. It is this length hair, you can do a variety of long blonde hairstyle, braid laced braids, make voluminous bundles or simply dissolve curls and eye-catching.

Some girls think that with suct length of hair, it is possible, perhaps, braid plait hair since many and heavy, but it is not. With the help of this article you will learn how to make simple and beautiful long blonde hairstyle.

Divide the locks on the line or side parting, comb it evenly to the ends lined face. This will make the oval a little more elongated and this is also good variant of long blonde hairstyle.
Fashionable and simple long blonde hairstyle is obtained thanks to the light fleece (brush, a little of spray and a hairdryer), or unusual color palette (have a long time to get stuck in the barber shop, but the effect will exceed all expectations).

For curly girls it is quite enough to lightly press locks with your hands, and long blonde hairstyle is ready!

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