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Shaved sides with long hair

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Now mens have a great opportunity to experiment with looks, because fashion encourages us to be original and not be afraid to show our bright side. One of the manifestations of unusual thinking and experimenting with appearance are shaved sides. It is a great idea for mens who want to show their substandard  taste. But if you want to look unusual and elegant at the same time, then we offer shaved sides hairstyles with long hair. This is a great solution that will allow you to do different hair styles to create stunning looks.

You can do large areas of bare, informal if you like different things, and can do small areas in the same way, if you like a more neat look. You can always make some new styles for different situations. For daily  look you can do big curls or curvy styling and straight hair, try to avoid hairstyles with small curls. You can also do ponytails and various buns, these hairstyles will never go unnoticed. If you need to look strict, for example for work, then you will be able to hide the shaved part with long hair. If you do any styling, you have from time to time to fix it, hairstyle should not be negligent. In all other cases show imagination during the creation of hairstyles, for example, try to do something original with the help of the braids, making it in different ways. For a dramatic look make your hair shaved on the sides colored, or make a cropped picture. In short, here you have a place for the imagination. Shaved sides hairstyles with long hair look cool and unusual, so every brave men needs to take this into account. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and be irresistible!

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